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random writtings. - She falls under the stars

About random writtings.

Previous Entry random writtings. Jan. 8th, 2005 @ 11:44 am
soirry if this is x-posted in the other LJ... but i like it.. and it fits my Diedra mood...

Outside in the garden, now grey from the multitude of pre-winter frosts , the last rose to withstand the cold was begining to brown. Just by chance she decided to go outside and check the condition of the weather. Walking past the crumbling bush, at first without even noticing it, she turned to see it and became encaptured by its bleak beauty. Surrounded by the dead and dying roses, the single rose shone with more brilliance than any other living creature she had ever seen. Reaching towards it with her slender and shaking hand, a thorn pricked her finger and the blood started to run slowly across her outstretched appendage. At first she didnt feel it, of course nowadays she didnt feel much. He left her numb and void of all pains, the good and the bad. It had been almost three months since he finally left her completely broken and now instead of feeling the hurt of his final departure, she was entirely empty of all emotions. He had taken her apart piece by piece and ripped her existence apart and she kept going back for more. Her blood still ran cold when she thought of the best times in her life, which incedentaly happened to be the most destructive. He made her feel alive when her heart had slowed to a dull roar of its former whimper. She made him. It was a take-take relationship, with both sides feeding off of the pain and insecurities of the other side. The little red trail ringing around her finger made her whole hand tingle. Just watching the crimson liquid gave her a warm feeling inside, proof that she was still alive. Her heart still pushed the little bitty cells through the skiny viens. It hurt to feel it beating.

*its not done.. i dont think anyway..it was just another nathan talks to me, i get upset and i write... dumb boys*
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